The Khansaheb
training initiative

Training and skill development is something that
Khansaheb takes seriously and in 2014, we open our
perpose-built training center where every level of
employee undergoes a comprehensive training, centered
on four core themes, namely.

Training Programme

Front Line
Supervisor Training

Management Training

Operative Skill Training
"The Khansaheb Training Centre"

Management Training

Our investment in training and development ensures a consistance approach to delivering project for our customers "The Khansheb Way of Working"

Objectives of
Khansaheb training

To ensure all of our Managers make Health and Safety their first priority at all times.

To ensure all of our Managers understand Khansaheb way of working

To improve business performance.

AA consistabce Systematic approach to delivering Contruction Projects.

To improve our Managers and enable you to develop your career with Khansaheb.

To improve management proformance and become better Managers.