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We are a successful construction business: a leader in innovative solutions and a great place to work for our people. We are a relationship business, and it is the relationships that we forge with our clients and colleagues which underpin our business and enable us to deliver great service to our clients.

We provide a wide variety of services and deliver each of them with a consistent set of values. Our values and culture strive to ensure a more sustainable future for our business and the communities in which we operate. Be a part of this positive change, let your skills and passion allow us to achieve more and be proud of the business you work for.


Are you looking to join us at Khansaheb ?

We have lots of opportunities across our business for high caliber construction and support service professionals.

We have lots of opportunities across our business for high caliber construction and support service professionals to advance their career. Career development at Khansaheb is inherent to how we manage our business and is demonstrated through the progression and longevity of our current employees

We encourage career progression at every level and support employees through their own personal career development programmes and towards you achieving your career goals.

Moh’d Arif
A 48 year career with Khansaheb
I worked in Pakistan after completing my Diploma before coming to Dubai and joined Khansaheb in 1971 as an Electrical Chargehand with my first project being the Air British Petroleum.
‑ Moh’d Arif, Senior Site Agent
Part of the Khansaheb team for 23 years
“As a female in a male space dominated industry, i am always curious and hungry to learn something new and never feel intimated. Sometimes I get amusing stares from the public when they see a woman working in this industry wearing a hard hat and safety boots. I just laugh it off.”
‑ Tania Khalidi, Construction Manager
With Khansaheb for 42 years and counting...
“I have stayed here for so long because I have everything I need working for Khansaheb – you could say the company has the complete package, I wouldn’t have lasted 42 years otherwise”
‑ Mohammad Asif, Senior Site Agent
29 years of service with Khansaheb
“When I came to Dubai in 1990 searching for work, I was told to try Khansaheb due to its reputation. Upon meeting the Construction Manager in the business at the time, I was given the opportunity to take part in a project as a surveyor to set up the foundation layout”
‑ Unnikrishnan Nair, Construction Manager