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Health and Safety

Health and
safety systems

Our systems are internationally accredited by OHSAS 18001:2007 and approved by both Dubai and Abu Dhabi Municipalities (OSHAD).

Khansaheb s systems are internationally accredited by ISO 45001 2018 and approved by both Dubai and Abu Dhabi Municipalities OSHAD

visible felt leadership

Visible Felt Leadership is at the core of our success in managing occupational health and safety in the challenging environment of a construction project. Our leadership team ensures that our managers know standards expected, have the tools to meet them and the authority to do so. Our leadership teams conduct site inspections on a frequent but irregular basis ensuring that everyone sees and feels their leadership presence and the attention they pay to Health and Safety.

Industry Leading Standards

In order to set high levels of expectation and drive up consistency across our business we have put in place a set of minimum mandatory standards that address key areas of risk. These documents, our K-Standards, define the standards required and provide clear guidance on how to attain these standards in real world situations on complex construction projects. They are integrated with our supply chain and all levels of our training & development programmes to ensure consistency and compliance across all trades on every project. Regular audits are conducted to measure the performance of our projects against these standards, and a 5 star K Rating is awarded to those that exceed them.

To allow us to effectively manage health and safety we need effective reports that let us identify areas for improvement and spot trends before they become an incident. To do this we record a series of both leading and lagging indicators that we report on every month. These provide us with the data we need to put in place proactive avoidance and preventative measures before any escalation occurs. We also use this data to drive improvements to our K Standards, procurement policies and many other areas of the business.

Investing in Training

Training & development are a core part of our success in the effective management of health and safety, and it's part of every employees working life at Khansaheb. Health and safety is at the heart of every training course that we run, and for key roles assessments are undertaken. These assessments are used to rate our people and drive consistency for these key roles across each part of the business.